Review: London Fringe, 2012 – Underneath The Lintel

Incredibly fun and well written.

There is only one word that can be used to describe Patrick O’Brien’s performance in Underneath The Lintel: Astounding. The power and conviction with which he delivers his character—a slightly neurotic librarian who gets hung up on the mystery of a book returned 123 years overdue—is funny and absorbing. O’Brien succeeds in endearing the character to the audience so that they hang on his words, following willingly along on his zany fact finding adventure.

Of course, without the spectacular writing of Glen Berger—and it is “spectacular”—the librarian character would not have come to life as it does in this one man comedy/drama. The tale of the overdue book and the adventures of the librarian to solve this great mystery keeps the audience captivated to the very end.

So what exactly is a lintel, and what happened underneath it? Put this show on your festival list this year and find out. You won’t be disappointed in the least.


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